Sam’s earliest appreciation for the curves and form of her animal subjects came around the tender age of five, when she was regularly caught trading her own bed to snuggle in a basket next to her beloved cocker spaniel.

Since those early days Sam has evolved her interactions with animals from sleeping companions to artistic subjects and has painted Grand National runners, Stud Stallions in South Africa, Grand Prix dressage horses in Spain, scruffy ponies, spoiled spaniels, Royal Labradors and a rather disagreeable camel.

At the age of seventeen Sam travelled to live for a year on Vancouver Island where she was able to closely observe Orca’s under the tutelage of Maarten Schaddelee in sculpture with Brazilian Soapstone, in which she specialised in marine wildlife, as well as learning from Irma Argyriou in oil painting.


Following her west coast studies, Sam attended two years of disciplined classical portraiture training in Florence. This period taught Sam that her finest work arises from working with the subjects that she loves most. Hence she has predominantly concentrated her skills in the direction of her deepest passion for animals, which was later advanced during two years of study with renowned sporting artist Neil Forster.

Being the current servant to a rather independent Basset Hound and a very particular spaniel means that Sam has developed an unending patience and unique connection when working with even the most unruly of four legged models.

This deep rapport that Sam gains is translated on both paper and canvas, in pastels, charcoal and oil. Her commissions are renowned for capturing the spirit, moods and personalities of her subjects, which she brings to life with obsessive, around the clock commitment to perfection. 

“What is most important to me is that I provide my clients with a work that sparks warmth, love, joy and real emotions each time they connect with the image of their beloved animal or at times, children.”

When Sam isn’t studying animals and bringing their pictures to life, she can be found outdoors with her two dynamo sons, riding horses or racing bicycles through the leafy lanes of her Hampshire home.