Exhibition 2019

After a prolonged period of working on private commissions and managing the ever-demanding results of giving birth twice I am pleased to announce that I will be holding my first solo exhibition for a while at Patrick Mavros from 8-17 may 2019. Work on show will be the creative results of various adventures, near and far.


After an exciting trip to Abu Dhabi I returned to my familiar and endlessly amusing subject of the camel. These fascinating creatures are to me an infinite source of inspiration with their amazing expressions of attitude and gloriously bizarre anatomy. having had the wonderful experience of milling among hundreds of them just hanging out by the side of a road I was able to study every detail; every size shape and colour was on show in a glorious display of camel-saturated splendour.


as ever my obsession with horses continues; their grace, beauty and elegance is a source of artistic inspiration like no other. I have been lucky enough to find some incredible models and some very kind owners who have miraculously let their precious creatures show off their glorious physique purely for my artistic benefit.


After an incredible adventure in Wyoming I was lucky enough to see these epic beasts up close and personal. Their sheer size and mass is in the truest sense of the word ‘Awesome’ and I love how the front and back ends can look like they belong to entirely separate animals.

I am grateful to my husband, who had to endure hours and hours of my determined bison stalking, for his patience and also his calmness when one tried to stick its head in our car window. it managed to make our absurdly large rental car look like a baked bean can.


a truly unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime trip; last year I ventured to Kenya with mark Coreth on a sculpting safari. it was 10 days of pure heaven - 4 incredible locations and some wonderfully close and touching encounters with some amazing animals. I run out of superlatives when mentioning anything about the wonderful Mark Coreth who’s teaching I look upon as one of the greatest gifts anyone can experience. my love of sculpture was only deepened by the experience and I only wish that bronzing all of the beasts I produced was possible! the 5 animals I have had bronzed will be on show - as well as 3 figures.

A particular highlight of the trip was visiting the Sheldrick wildlife trust reintegration unit at ithumba, as well as their nursery in Nairobi. I had never imagined that having such close contact with the elephants for an intense 48 hours would have such a profound effect. Their wonderfully peaceful natures and slow pace of life was infectious; we felt like we were moving in slow smotion afterwards! as a result of this experience elephants are well represented in this exhibition - a bronze sculpture, pastel drawings and charcoal sketches all hoping to show them to their best

Ithumba, Jan 2018, video by Lisa Hogan

and of course the exhibition will include many of my four legged favourites -the ever faithful hound. having found an obliging pack on one of my many English adventures as well as a heavenly pack of bloodhounds I've had great fun trying to capture their divine expressions filled with all their folds and wrinkles.